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Moon Rise Cottage


Shamanic Retreats

Those seeking Shamanic Immersion experiences are invited to explore Individual or Group journeys of discovery and healing at Moon Rise Cottage. Group Shamanic Retreats are hosted during select times of the year coinciding with lunar and significant cosmic events. These cycles intensify the energy at Moon Rise Cottage allowing you to step into the MRC portal to experience the flow of sacred energy while time ceases to exist. Free from the limitations of linear time we will travel into our Soul's Desires. Time will fall away while we make our Spirit Masks, release our fears and wounds, create a Sacred Fire Ceremony and re-balance our Chakra’s with Nada Yoga Sound Vibration.


My Spirit Guides and I are eager to help you reveal and experience your Soul’s energetic presence as you prepare to leap forward into our Collective Destiny. We invite you to Travel with us into the Mystical Realm while experiencing the joy, peace, and deep solitude of the Moon Rise Cottage experience. We’ll celebrate together, sleep deeply, Laugh and Dream, and enjoy healthy sumptuous meals as we release the past and explore manifesting our Heart Consciousness Awakening.


**Please note that 2021 Group Retreats are currently on hold however, Individual Retreats are still available with careful planning. Please contact me if you are interested in arranging a retreat.


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Moon Rise Cottage


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