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Star Cluster

Moon Rise Cottage

Soul Tarot, Mediumship & Rune Readings

Quantum Healing & Nada Yoga

Meditation Classes, Life Coaching

Shamanic Healing Retreats

Channeled Intuitive Readings

Consult my Guides, the cards & the Runes


$45 per each 30 minutes
Please refer to time guide
suggestions by clicking Book Now

  Zoom Meditation with Quantum Vibration

Nada Yoga Enhanced Group Meditation


NEW 8-Week Zoom Series
Sundays from
ctober 31st - December 19th


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About Me

Hello beautiful Soul Traveler & Thank You for stopping by.  My name is Mary Ellen and I am eager to assist you on your Life Path and Soul Circuit Journey. 


My goal is to help you connect with the deeper purpose of your own Sacred Destiny and come into alignment with your Soul's true intention for this lifetime.  I am here to help you see and understand that YOU are your Purpose.  Your energy frequency  & unique vibration are important threads in the fabric of All Souls that my Guides call The Tapestry.

I work from within the Celtic Wisdom Tradition.  I am blessed with a set of Clairvoyant abilities that includes Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Soul Circuit Dream Visions & Astral travel abilities.  I am blessed to be a Radiant Energy Catalyst & Vibrational Healer.


These gifts were handed down to me through an Ancient Lineage of Seers & Sacred Healers, and Warriors.  My lineage works with the Celtic and Druidic Shamanic Traditions of Divination & The Faerie Arts.

"You are your purpose"

-Mary Ellen, Moon Rise Cottage-



Channeled Tarot Readings & Energy Healing


A variety of One-on-One readings are offered which focus on channeled messaging to answer your questions on Life, Love, and your Soul's Path/Intention. 


Energy Healing sessions use special frequencies & sound vibrations of the Tamboura as a pathway to discover connections to self & the quantum field.


These services are offered via Zoom in Eastern Timezone, USA. Please be Zoom ready prior to your appointment.

Thank you!


Group Classes - 
Meditation with 
Nada Yoga & More


Moon Rise Cottage offers specialized meditation classes utilizing the Ancient philosophy and practice of Nada Yoga.  


Nada, is the sacred science of sound vibration for healing & awakening . This flagship series of classes has been so well received that it has become the cornerstone for a  broader range of courses now in development. Check back frequently for the addition of new offerings. 


New Courses Added for 2021! Our Fall/Winter meditation course starts October 31, 2021 and runs through December 19, 2021. 


Shamanic Retreats - Individual & Group Journeys


*Group Retreats remain on hold. Individual Retreats are still available with careful planning. 

Those seeking Shamanic Immersion experiences are invited to explore individual or group journeys of discovery and healing at Moon Rise Cottage. 


Group Shamanic retreats are hosted during select times of the year coinciding with lunar and significant cosmic events. These cycles intensify the energy at Moon Rise Cottage allowing you to step into the MRC portal to experience the flow of sacred energy. 

Water Ripple

Quantum Healing with Nada Yoga

Sacred Nada Yoga is a healing modality that utilizes Nada, the science of sound vibration for healing & awakening.

Violet Stars

Individual Nada Yoga Healing Session

This unique Nada Yoga Vibration healing session is intended to help you meld deep into the Quantum Energy of your own Soul. Using the science of sound vibration we will travel deep into your specific DNA/Energy Codes that bring forward your existence as a Sacred Intention of the Divine Source. Experience the beautiful musical sounds and micro-tone frequencies of the Tamboura as a pathway to healing with the energy of Divine Source. The result is more than music, it is the experience of your Self and your Quantum Energy as it flows to and from the manifest Universe.

2 hours | $180


Love & Healing

My reading went so deep and expanded my heart chakra. I can’t thank you enough for this gift of transmission from you - so deep, so sweet, so love full. I’m so grateful to you for all your work and I will definitely keep in touch on this path.


I love the way you connect the threads in your readings with past readings, with the other worlds and energies and the whole.


You truly are a divine channel. I feel a big healing from this session.

— SC, Scotland

YouTube Appreciation

I have just come across your YouTube channel and now I am a new subscriber, wow your readings are divine. I really enjoy them. I love the Celtic wisdom tarot you use.   I will continue to watch your amazing content.


I have to say the way you read them is incredible and extremely inspiring and I very much enjoy your style of reading thank you for bringing your light to the world.


I’m from Australia by the way so hello from all the way over! Magical Blessings.


​— M., Australia

Shamanic Healing

I so enjoyed the Shamanic Retreat.  I have never been to one so I did not know what to expect.  What I found was a kinship with everyone there.  I found out things about myself that I did not really know or maybe realize.  I surprisingly enjoyed the mandala making much more than expected.


The mask-making was a truly revealing experience.​

—  R, Silver City, New Mexico, USA

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