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Moon Rise Cottage

My Story

Hello beautiful Soul Traveler & Thank You for stopping by Moon Rise Cottage.  My name is Mary Ellen and I am eager to assist you on your Life Path and Soul Circuit Journey.  My goal is to help you connect with the deeper purpose of your own Sacred Destiny and come into alignment with your Soul's true intention for this lifetime.  I am here to help you see and understand that YOU are your Purpose.  Your energy frequency & unique vibration are important threads in the fabric of All Souls that my Guides call The Tapestry.

I work from within the Celtic Wisdom Tradition.  I am blessed with a set of Clairvoyant abilities that includes Clairaudience, Clairsentience, Mediumship, Soul Circuit Dream Visions & Astral travel abilities.  I am blessed to be a Radiant Energy Catalyst & Vibrational Healer.  These gifts were handed down to me through an Ancient Lineage of Seers & Sacred Healers.  My lineage works with the Celtic and Druidic Shamanic Traditions of Divination & Geomancy: The Faerie Arts.


 My dreams and astral travel visions led me to become an Initiate and eventually a Temple Guardian.  I built my sacred Temple dwelling as instructed in the Dream Journey Visions.  It sits nestled in the forest regions of Southern Vermont, USA.  It provides a Sacred Energy Container & Portal for my Dream Visions & Soul Work and is the Vibrational Center from which I serve others on my pre-destined life path.  

I created this video to introduce myself and share a bit about my life experiences in picture form.  I have chosen this method with the intention of sharing the tender feelings nested in my heart about my own life path.   


I feel incredibly loved and held to have arrived at this destination.  I look forward to connecting with each of you heart to heart as we work together to create a world that reflects all the love we feel and wish to act upon.🍀

As a child, I listened to the whisperings and stories told by my grandmothers each of whom had 'the gift'.  My abilities began to show themselves at an early age to the delight of my Grannies.  At age 15 I began having a series of powerful re-occurring dreams that would continue, expand, and become my own Dream Journey & Soul Path/Life Purpose.

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